The Relationship between Fashion and Personality

Relationship between Fashion and Personality


It is not about what you wear outside, instead, it is about what you are inside. The strange truth is that the world, in many ways, perceives your ‘self’ within from you as compared to what you look like on the exterior. One cannot completely


Posted by :Dhanashree | 4 July, 2019

How to style Ethnic-Skirts

How to style Ethnic Skirts


Ethnic skirt is the most versatile and evergreen piece of attire that is still trending and one of the safest options which gives a perfect look even at times of crises. It can ne


Posted by :Dhanashree | 26 June, 2019

The Working Woman's guide to Ethnic Wear

There's elegance in every walk

When we generally talk about workplace or experience at work, we tend to talk mostly about the work environment, work pressure, job satisfaction and if this happens between close friend-circles and family- the pay cheque that you earn. What we miss out in discussing or don’t pay much thought to, are the sartoria


Posted by :Dhanashree | 21 June, 2019