Ways to Style a Dupatta.

Ways to style Dupatta

From grandmas to teenagers to kids everybody these days invests in a dupatta. Trends are frequently changing but dupatta has always been a constant. When it comes to dupatta the first thing that strikes our mind is some traditional or indo western outfit, Gone are those days where dupatta was only considered traditional styling item. From jeans to dhotis, dupatta can be


Posted by :saloni shah | 17 December, 2019

Trendy Bagh Prints

Trendy bagh print

About Bagh print:

Bagh print is a type of block printing on handloom fabrics. The origination of the print is from the state of Madhya Pradesh, Dhar district, Bagh. Motifs in Bagh print includes Floral, Paisley & Geometric. If you are looking out for some pleasant indo west


Posted by :saloni shah | 20 November, 2019

History of Ajrakh Prints.

History of ajrakh prints

The word Ajrakh is derived from the word azurakh, meaning blue in Persian. The blue in the patterns symbolize the sky, the red the twilight and the night is represented by black. The white designs strewn across the fabric are reminiscent of the eternal light of the stars. Traditionally Ajrakh is worn only by the men and greatly valued by the Maldhari’s of Kutch and Sindh. It is worn a


Posted by :saloni shah | 13 November, 2019