Cotton Sarees For Every Ocassion!

The concept of wearing saree has seen its own evolution, from being a strictly traditional wear to women nowadays making it as a go to look, work and outing wear. And why not, from designers to celebrities to bloggers, saree is adorned and embraced in full versatility. And Cotton is one of the most comfortable and breathable fabric for summers. Almost every


Posted by :Rutuja Kale | 28 August, 2020

Symbol Of Royalty-Kota Doriya

Symbol of Royalty-Kota Doriya

One word which can define the beauty of this fabric, then that is exquisite. This fabric has such grace and elegance that you could fall in love with it with just one look. And it is because this fabric is a unique blend of two most widely worn fabrics- Cotton and Silk.
Kota doriya is woven on a tradi


Posted by :Rutuja Kale | 21 August, 2020

Legacy of Hand Block Print

Do you remember, when you were 8 years old, you took out a ladyfinger cut it in two halves dipped it in water color and painted the canvas with the colors of your choice? That is real hand block print technique.
The delicate designs that you see printed on the fabric are not designed using a brush. They are patterns printed using wooden blocks. The fine and adorable p


Posted by :Rutuja Kale | 14 August, 2020