Different Styles of Hand Block Printing

Hand Block Printing


The first textile-printing technique was using blocks, which were inked and then pressed on to the fabric. The image from a single block builds up into a proper design over the fabric area. Some first blocks were made of clay or terracotta, others of carved wood. Wooden blocks carrying design motifs


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The History of Ikat



Ikat is the most well-known print in India. It’s a resist dye technique used to pattern textiles. The word 'Ikat' comes from the Malaysian word 'mengikat,' or 'to tie,' because the loose threads are bind into bundles using grasses or wax-treated cotton to specify where the dye is able to set in and color the thread. The


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4 Easy to Wear Trends from Qyaari

Trends from Qyaari


Getting dressed every morning seven days a week can be stressful. To decide a new style to don every day is an even harder task. Even with a closet full of clothes, it simply feels as if you have nothing to wear. Here is where Qyaari comes to your rescue. Qyaari not only has stylish options to choose from, but its fabrics are very comfortable on the skin, are


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