Cotton needs no introduction!! Have you ever noticed how times in our daily lives, we stumbled upon products made from cotton!! From bath towels,shirts, socks,bed sheets,jeans, handkerchief etc.No wonder India is the largest producer of cotton as per statistics.
Cotton is a natural plant fiber, its lint is collected from the plant as a sort of fluffy bolls. The fiber is almost pure cellulose. Under natural conditions, the cotton bolls will increase the spread of the seeds. Then series of steps are to be followed from Ginning, baling, Yarn spinning to final fabric production to create any cotton fabric.
Amidst other Fabric, Cotton is most popular as the best fabric for clothing. Many choose it out of necessity or preference. People like it for its beauty and comfort. Unlike man-made chemically-produced fibers, cotton is most natural, grown from the earth. It’s the best sustainable choice as well.

Introduction to hand block printing

Hand Block printing is the process of printing block patterns on textiles usually on flax, cotton or silk materials by engraving wood. The art of Hand Block printing is a form of Indian art, which uses hand-carved teak wood, soaked in the dye and hand printed on cotton or silk. The design of the block is usually the traditional Indian theme.
Hand Block printing is centuries old art but still, it produces fabrics which are beautiful and alluring that everyone just gets attracted to it. In order to create a hand block print first design is chosen by a skillful karagir and with the helpof block design is repeated all over the cloth in a decent fashion which makes it beautiful and spellbound. These patterns are lovely to watch. It is also sometimes called as woodblock printing or block printing. Cotton is the most used fabric for printing as Cotton has an affinity for various types of dyes and pigments. Secondly, it is easier to handle the fabric, to prepare it for printing and post-printing process. Block print can also be done on silk, linen and khadi fabrics.

Hand Block Print Products

Hand block print can be used to create a wide range of products like Hand block print sarees, Hand block printsalwar suits, Hand block print dress, etc. These products create a huge demand in today’s fashion. As well as it’s a good wholesale business idea for women too.

Hand Block print Cotton Saree

Sarees is themost traditional Indian clothing since ages.Sarees form a major item in the wardrobe of many women. Cotton fabric is more comfortable, breathable and useful to wear as casual. Many Indian women prefer to wear cotton saris daily. Sarees is the most favorite attire wore during festivals.While making of these sarees, a design or block is chosen and it is repeated all over the sareeto make it beautiful and colorful.
Various motifs adorn on the saree makes it looks classy and presentable and is available in all price range.

Hand block print Cotton salwar suits

After Saris, the next most traditional women clothing in India is salwar suits. Hand Block print is also used to design attractive salwar suits. Mostly the prints is printed on unstitched fabric.
Such salwar suits have lot of demand from different cities. Working women prefer adorning salwar suits. Additionally salwar suits is most comfortable clothing, so they never go out of trends. Salwar suits can be stitched and paired according to one’s choice and personality.

Hand block Print Cotton dress

As Indian women’s wardrobe is empty without traditional clothes. There is new addition in the list “Hand block print dress”. Hand Block print cotton dress are comfortable and yet so stylish that can be wore on daily basis. From college goers to women beyond 50 years old anyone can rock this dress.They can be customized according to choice and current trend. Such dresses can enlighten any events irrespective of any age.

Posted by : Rutuja Kale | 8 August, 2020