Indo western accessorizing

Indo-western Accessorizing

The trend of accessorizing have been noticed lately. Considering the trend India jewels and prints on the accessories are also spotted a lot not just in India. People these days are opting for plain or nearly plain outfits so that they can accessorize it well. From celebrities to other people give us a great indo western accessorizing vibe. You should know a right mixture for accessorizing or you need to know how to balance your look with accessorizing.
Let’s check out a few ways to how to accessorize well:



As we know there are so many different types of bags available out in the market from Sling bag to back pack to laptop bag. But do you all know these types of bag are also available in indo-western prints. Imagine how different it would look if you if you are carrying an indo-western printed laptop bag at your outfit.



Shoes use to be one of the most ignored part of accessorizing for indo western garment earlier but not anymore. Just like bags there are various different styles and patterns in shoes as well. Lately a great pair of shoes is all you need is the moto going on amongst the women. A nice colored printed mojaris is a great investment for an indo western outfits.


The use of belts was earlier only restricted for fittings but lately belts has become one of the important element for styling. Belts lately are also used over the garment to give it a more trendy and stylish look. A good printed belt on a plain garment or a thin but well printed belt on a printed garment looks good as well. Print on print is also a trend going on.

Posted by : saloni shah | 5 February, 2020