Ways to style kalamkari print

Ways to style kalamkari print

Kalamkari is a type of hand block printing in Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. There are two different styles of doing Kalamkari. The Srikalahasti style of Kalamkari (Kalankari), wherein the kalam or pen is used for freehand drawing and filling in the colors, is entirely hand worked and the other style is Machilipatnam style. It certainly uses cotton as a fabric from various parts. Kalamkari is the most spotted print lately.
Let’s check out ways to style Kalamkari print


Kalamkari cotton sarees have an extremely unique visual appeal because of the great detail used in the print. It is one of the main reasons why sarees with this print are so distinctive and easily identifiable in a crowd. Wearing a Kalamkari saree adds more grace to your look. As said Indian women looks best in the saree.


Initially kalamkari print was just restricted to Sarees but lately Kalamkari print have been in trend on just for its styling with saree but also tops and many other. It gives a great indo-western look to your style. A good Kalamkari flowy top gives a very cool look well suited for brunch. Kalamkari blouse as a top also gives a very great look.



This print palazzo with plain kurta gives a very good and subtle looks. Also you can carry out print on print style with this look if you want to experiment with your style. Also a kalamkari print dhoti will also look great with a plain or printed short top.



A printed jackets works great with any outfit as it helps to enhance your look. Jackets short or long will look good with all styles. Also it goes well with plain or printed outfits as well. If you are planning to attend or go to some family function you can always this as it works well as an add on.



Dresses are very comfy and looks good as well. Printed dresses adds more cuteness to your look. Kalamkari print dresses are long and short as well. It is a well put look if you are planning to go for a brunch or some lunch or dinner with family.



Dupatta have been in Indian tradition since a very long time. A full printed dupatta with plain kurta gives a very sophisticated look also you can always pair a printed dupatta with printed kurti as well. Also a dupatta can be draped in many other ways apart from as a dupatta.


Posted by : saloni shah | 29 January, 2020