It is true that fusion is the new fashion. It is a recent trend that has survived long enough. From having Rabri and Gulab Jamun flavours in ice-creams to having Vada Pav burgers, everything is getting an Indo-Western touch. We aren’t just aping the West by blindly following their fashion trends we are adding to it our own distinct desi style and whacky, quirky, fashionable sartorial choices are emerging. We show you  5 Indo-Western clothing styles that are trending now-

  • Kurta & Jeans- The classic Indo-Western style is popular not just in activist circles but also very trendy in students, festival clothing and daily wear. Kurta has a character of its own which not just is comfortable but also gives a shape to the body. A pair of jeans on the other hand is always a more comfortable option than churidaars or tight pyjamas. The different prints, colours, fabrics available in kurtas has widened the range for this Indo-Western style.


  • Ghaghra & Top- Ghaghra is the symbol of grace. It is that Indian clothing which with its flares and style makes a woman look traditional yet cool. It is also one of the most comfortable things to wear. The versatility it offers in its pairing is so vast that you can pull it off as much with a Batik print choli as much as you can with a cotton shirt or T-shirt.


  • Patiala & Top- The summer favourite and comfortable Patiala which is usually donned with a kameez or a kurta has new become really trendy with stylish and funky tops. It keeps your styling simple yet elegant.


  • Kurti & Shorts- This is one new trend garnering much following in the recent past. Shorts and tops, shorts and shirts have always been trendy but Kurtis add an ethnic layer to the personality. It is traditional yet modern. It is cosy yet not clumsy. You can experiment significantly with the prints and cuts of the kurtis.


  • Dhoti & Coat- Weddings are the fashion hub of India and to see new fashion trends one needs to go for Indian weddings. Dhoti & coat is the new fad that one can’t choose to ignore. It gives a sense of royalty with tradition and adds weight to the personality. There are different types of coats available like Bandhgala, Chestified, British Warm and if paired well with a dhoti it is the classic example of Indian elegance and Western style.


Indo-Western styles are here to stay and find new combinations. These are the best picks that we made, you may start a new fusion yourself. Who knows the next time we feature that too?  





Posted by : Swarnima Singh | 24 May, 2019