5 Bottom Wears


The smallest of travel to the grocery shop downstairs is giving you jitters? You are scared of wearing formals to your friend’s wedding? All your cycling and marathon challenges are gradually taking a backseat? Summers have arrived, so just chill and beat the heat. But do that in style and with comfort. Just the perfect polka-dot shirt or the new cotton collection T-shirt won't fulfil your needs. What you need to pay attention to is the usually ignored bottom wear. Gone are the days when all you had was the old pair of denim, a pair of chinos, or at best the new pair of tracks you bought. For both men as well as women options have increased and how. Let us have a look at 5 types of bottom wears we have selected for you to beat the scorching heat in style.

Proper Patiala: Let’s start the list with the traditional, beautiful, indigenous Indian bottom wear. Apart from large pegs of whiskey what the royal town of Patiala is also popular for are gorgeous looking patiala pants full of pleats and giving them a beautiful draping effect when they fall. Loose, airy, comfortable and stylish, what more do you need? If too many pleats are difficult to handle then there is also the option to choose for semi-patiala pants. This is one bottom wear which will suit as much with a kameez as it will with your trendy Zara top. Kindly note that it is unisex apparel which originated from the King of Patiala.

Casual Capris: It’s not too long for giving pyjama feels, it’s not too short that you stay in your bedroom. It is the perfect mix of the long and the short, the old and the new, the casual and the carefree and the trendy and the comfortable. Capris or three quarters are the perfect bottom wear for the summers. It allows you enough room for air to pass through your legs and at the same time not feel shy of your thunder thighs by running the risk of exposing too much. The true-blue, unisex bottom wear for the modern GenX is available in denims, cotton, synthetic fabrics with all kinds of prints and designs.

Dhoti Salwars: This is arguably one of the newest in the line, something you can be the first one to introduce in your peer group. This has an up-heavy and bottom-narrow design. Dhoti salwars have lots of pleats around the thigh which gradually taper down to the ankle. Don’t confuse it with another summer favorite the harem pants, they are loose throughout the legs with the length of fabric used is more than the Dhoti. Moreover, the Dhoti also has no fitting issues with one size meant for all.

Peppy Palazzos: Popularized by Zeenat Amaan, immortalized by Julia Roberts, kept in trend by the most gorgeous species on earth i.e. women, palazzos have a classic look and a loyal following. It just doesn’t hide your curves but also gives the perfect elegance to your gait. Long trousers cut with a loose, wide leg flaring out from the waist if paired with long kurtis, shirts, spaghettis, is sure to turn many heads when you walk down the street.

Long Skirts: Grace and oomph, find it hard to pull them off together? Well, then you are yet to try out a long skirt to your college or a family picnic. Long skirts aren’t just comfortable and airy, the prints and numerous shades it comes in just makes it the sought-after bottom wear for women of all ages during summers. Wear it with anything it will spell magic in your personality.

Summers aren’t meant to be scared of but to be endured with fun. Why compromise on style than for comfort? Why compromise on comfort for style when you can have it both ways with the list of bottom wears we have listed out for you?

Posted by : Jimesh | 22 May, 2019