Everything You Need to Know about Kalamkari


India is known to be the home of textiles, crafts and culture. Right from the beginning of its civilization, India has blessed the world with the best of its exquisite art forms of textile. ‘Kalamkari’ is one of the oldest forms of textile art which has never gone out of style and blends into all kinds of eras. Being so exquisite and beautiful, it gives an elegant look and grace to the fabric. The process o


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Traditional Dabu Printing of India

Traditional Dabu Printing of India

Dabu prints have a heavenly quality and appearance. In making of the printed textures, a considerable measure of manual process and diligent work is included and the procedure of employment heaps of normal colors and vegetable glues. Here is a concise description of the procedure.

1. Step 1

To begin with, Fabric is acquired from the mills. Generally mill ma


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The Journey Of Kalamkari

3 Things to Consider While Shopping Clothes for Your Kids.

Kalam is made by utilizing bamboo sticks. It is honed by utilizing a shaper. The kalam is honed from the best so as the shading can trickle from it and it leaves almost negligible differences on the material. A woolen material or a cotton floor covering or froth is tied with a string on the pen from where it is holed.

The p


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