Making of Ajrak

Making of Ajrak Image

Ajrak is a square printed material that prevents the dye from reaching the whole cloth, comprising of indigo and madder. It is made by Khatris people which is a group in Kutch, Gujarat and is recognized by its shading blue with red - and its complex geometric and flower designs. Its name comes from 'azarak', 'blue' in Arabic and Persian. Ajrak is an inheritance of content. I


Posted by :Gauri Pansare | 4 June, 2018

Kalamkari- An ancient style of hand printing.


Kalamkari actually converts into "pen craft"; with 'kalam' which means pen and 'kari' which means workmanship. It is among the most delightful conventional Indian fine arts and includes square printing or hand printing, regularly done on bits of cotton textures. The special element of the Ka


Posted by :Gauri Pansare | 9 May, 2018