5 Tips for Shopping Dresses and Gowns Online

5 Tips for Shopping Dresses and Gowns Online


Shopping is like therapy to many. But in this busy work schedule and lifestyle, shoppers find it difficult to manage time to go shopping in physical retail stores. Not to forget the hole in the pocket which is created due to high rising retail prices of products. But now, thanks to the introduction and ease of online shopping, one can


Posted by :Arti | 9 February, 2019

Tips to Pair your Ethnic Tops with Bottoms


The fashion industry is a very fast pacing industry. It keeps on changing rapidly and sometimes it gets hard to hold on to the latest trends.

The Indian Ethnic fashion industry is at its peak and barely there is someone who is not infested by this wave of ethnic clothing. The Indian ethnic fashion is bringing back the roots with a modern touch and putting India on the forefront. But with limited availabili


Posted by :Manasee | 18 January, 2019

6 Most Popular Kurtis Styles Every Woman Should Own


Kurtis influence our daily fashion on a major scale. Due to the variety of patterns, colour shades and designs, it is a go-to place of every woman’s wardrobe. Kurtis have become famous not only because of their variety in patterns and colours, but also due to their comfort level.

 Kurtis are not only looked upon as simple ethic wears; they’ve modernized for the modern women’s tastes and are


Posted by :aditi | 12 January, 2019